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simply online. is the new method of gasket characteristic management for manufacturers and characteristics source for calculators. synchronization, revision management, EN1591-1 interface and much more. Easily manage and access gasket data online.

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Manage your data and keep it up-to-date easily with our intuitive user-interface. Version control enables you to access data of the same product before you made changes to the production process or composition. Publish you data to easy and straightforward. Make your data available to calculation software users to name but a few features.

For Calculators

Validated and up-to-date values acccurately transferred by the use of API! includes all values of and a lot more data which is made available at exclusively for calculation software purposes. This makes the most comprehensive and advanced source for gasket data.

End users and interested partys

Plant operators, end users, interested partys as well as members of the Gaskets Workgroup (AK Dichtungen) also benefit by registering to Stay informed, see upcoming events and view files and documents. Registration and usage is free!

FH Münster and GAIST

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Users all over the world trust the reliability of the data published here. You too can benefit of our reputation and experience either by using or by publishing data. It is the only place where gasket data is published which is checked by independent experts. A trusting collaboration with your customers starts here.


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Start now managing your gaskets, gasket data and gasket related documents and provide them for your customers. By using you even make your gasket data available for the worlds leading flange connection and plant design calculation software!

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